Who we are


We work in the research and development department of State Research Institute of Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS) providing new solutions in Air Traffic Management. GosNIIAS has been the leading research center in Russia for more than 70 years

We are experts both in Air Traffic Mangement issues and in software development. We develop advanced algorithms, mathematical models, simulation tools, etc

We use state of the art simulation techniques and optimization algorithms. The extensive research experience makes us competent to conduct studies on behalf of different stakeholders, such as: ANSPs, Airports, Airlines and Aviation authorities

Our young team mostly consists of graduates from the best Russian technical universities (Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Bauman University, Technical University of Civil Aviation, Moscow Technological University (MIREA), etc.)

We have quite a few of successful projects, some of which are presented here

The vision behind GosNIIAS is an individual and case-of-case approach to every client. We know that every case and customer are unique, so all of our studies are personalized and meet the customer's needs. Close cooperation and standing liaison arrangement enable our tool to be adjusted to the specific nature  of our client by implementing special rules or validating models to conform to the customer's case

We participate in conferences, exhibitions and seminars to be aware of the latest developments and trends in the Air Trafic Management

We work with Russian and International ATM/ATC organizations, carry out orders and offer services using our products

We are ready to use different input data sources and to provide results in various ways. Our strong scientific background makes it possible to provide intelligent data analysis to highlight and to eliminate the pain points, to predict a course of events or to make recommendations to achieve customer's targets

Various data source and flexible models setting enable us to conduct comparative study of different variant of actual or perspective airspace and airport structure. We provide recommendations how to eliminate all the weak points that makes our research an indispensable part of decition-making process

For all the research purpose in GosNIIAS we use our original software ATM Simulation Tool which provides the ATM operations entire cycle fast-time simulation (including ATFM, en-route, TMA and airport), as well as all necessary instruments for data import, design and analysis

Adjustable models and setting make ATM Simulation Tool perfectly suitable for various technologies modeling. We are ready to offer our audit and consulting services in order to support technologies assessment and omplementation process, such as regulation measures, new airport infrastructure elements, new rules, etc

The advanced data preparation tool enables us to create almost all the possible scenarios and to simulate various variants of system configuration (runway configuration, route assignment, separation, etc). The fast-time simulation approach provides the sufficient statictic to identify the optimal variant and pain points for every case considered

Sometimes the real data are not enough to reach the critical load of airspace or airport element. For these purposes, we provide the forecast studies with artificially changed intensity and the sufficient number of simulated air traffic data samples that enable risk assessment, airspace and airport capacity estimation, long-term durability research and expected air traffic demand increase studies

To quantify the result of research we provide the most important indicators estimation to assess: Safety , Access&Equity, Capacity, Environment and Efficiency

Depending on case features, we are ready to suggest and assess additional metrics andprovide personalized analysis based on research targets