ATFM research

Р2ATFM research

FGUP «GosNIIAS» was developer of the software and algorithmical system of the air traffic planning and control processes (AS ATM and ATFM) from General ATM center. This system exist in the General ATM center since 2003 to the present. Our team develops and maintains unique software for 15 years. This expierance include next works

  • ATFM system software development, implementation and maintenance in the Russian Federation
  • ­
  • planning autovatization system software of the zones ATM center development for the pre-tactical and tactical planning stages­
  • MAC VOSTOK model software development (in the part center system core) ­
  • Technical project on the KSA PIVP GC development (2009 – in the part ATM system) ­
  • preparation and request submission to flight small aviation and control automatization system model development

We offer our experience in this area for all interested companies. Currently ATFM system in Russian Federation is maintenanced and on the KIS UVD stand we develop prospective algorithms for solve of ATC tasks due to change dinamics (continual new flight requests, flight cancel and dalays, meteo changes etc.) and prediction unreliability