Departure Manager (DMAN) Workstation


The Departure Manager (DMAN) system prototype as a part of The Complex of Prototyping Tools provides assistance in metering and sequencing the departure traffic flow. DMAN provides control of the departing air traffic flow and prediction of separation standards violations on the runway and in the terminal area. DMAN helps to regulate the departing air traffic flow by setting ground delays and changing SID or SID en-route transition. As well as AMAN DMAN has tools for the manual regulation of the departing flow and the automatic optimization algorithm. DMAN interacts with the A-SMGCS system which controls all the operations on the airfield.

The main feature of the DMAN prototype is a global optimization algorithm that enables to obtain a conflict-free departure traffic flow. The optimization criterion is to minimize overall aircraft delays.

The main functions

  • Analysis of departing flow, detection of violations of separation standards on the runway threshold and in the airport terminal area
  • Manual search for solutions to regulate the departing flow
  • Automatic optimization procedure to regulate the departing flow
  • Support for ATC controllers and for A-SMGCS system

User Interface Example

The figure below demonstrates an example of the user interface of our DMAN prototype. Airport runways are represented as vertical bars with timelines. Arriving and departing flights are represented as strips attached to runway bars in accordance with their planned landing or take-off times.

DMAN interface