Simulation tools


Air Traffic Management is a complex, hierarchical system. Modernization of the ATM system requires a large amount of research, including mathematic simulation due to the system complexity and high price of full scale testing. A lot of simulation tools were developed, including fast-time simulation and human-in-the-loop simulation tools. Simulation tools are used for validation of new concepts, ATM technologies, airborne procedures and airspace assessment

We developed two software tools for research

значок кимAir Traffic Management simulation tool (KIM OrVD)


First version of ATM Simulation tool was developed by order of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State ATM Corporation” in 2007. The third program version is finishing this year. All these years ATM Simulation tool was developed for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise needs to cover different research directions

KIM OrVD consists of different software tools and enables to carry out data preparation, scenario formation, modeling and result analysis

Tool facilities are used to simulate of aircraft flight from gate-to-gate, including en-route, terminal area, airfield. KIM OrVD was developed for fast-time simulation of the entire Air Traffic Management operation cycle

KIM OrVD is a support tool for ATM experts in the following research areas

    •  developing and evaluating measures taken to improve the ATM system, including modernization of the airspace system structure and change of measures to manage and regulate air traffic flows
    •  assessing the efficiency and safety of airspace using a set of indicators for different conditions of flight operations
    •  assessing the impact of changes in the state of the ATM system, airspace and conditions of flight operations to analyse the afficiency of the airspace use



Ground and on-board ATM procedures prototyping tools


The Complex of Prototyping Tools enables to conduct hardware-in-the-loop and human-in-the-loop simulation studies on all the phases of flight – from gate to gate. The Complex is designed for demonstration, simulation and research of new technologies in the air traffic management system, new airborne procedures and new avionics solutions.

The Prototyping Complex enables to conduct distributed simulation across multiple host computers or workstations. Configuration of models or workstations involved in the simulation may vary depending on the research goals. The Complex can include both mathematical models and human-in-the-loop and hardware in-the-loop simulators (e.g. cockpit simulators, ATC workstation, etc.). Depending on the Complex configuration the simulation can be conducted in two modes: real-time mode and a fast-time mode. The real-time mode is used for human-in-the-loop demonstrations and experiments, the fast-time mode is used for fast multiple run simulation without human interaction.